18 months-2 1/2 years old; 2 Day Classes

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Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday options; 9:30-2:30
Best practice for this age is non-directive (student led) play, exploration, and a lot of reading and singing with their teachers. We will use every day experiences to point out letters, label objects, and count. We want to have fun — learning is natural at this age.
We will utilize researched based curriculums that will build as our program builds throughout all of our classes.  We will start with fine motor and school readiness through the basic components of Learning Without Tears.
“The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos is a comprehensive, research based curriculum that helps teachers and caregivers understand developmentally appropriate practice and how to offer nurturing daily routines and meaningful experiences that meet children’s strengths, interests, and needs.”
In our 18 month classrooms we will encourage each child to learn how to make choices.  We will have specially designed classrooms so that each child can learn on an individual basis by choosing a center to engage in.  We will be implementing age appropriate activities in language arts, math/cognitive, science/sensory, art, motor skills, and music and movement. Our staff will implement lesson plans that will increase their developing skills in a variety of age appropriate activities.  Each day the children will participate in group times where they will work on recognizing shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.  In addition, we will encourage healthy social interactions by making sure each child is aware of their friend’s feelings and helping them to engage in constructive play with other children.
The children will be exploring the outside world with outside play time, both in the morning and afternoon (weather permitting).  The children will enjoy a wonderful playground with age appropriate equipment where they can climb, run, and ride bikes.
We will introduce toddlers to a variety of play materials where they can learn and grow and discover the world around them. We will provide fun activities based on the “hands on learning program” where they will learn by using their “five senses” through seeing pictures, handling the learning materials, and hearing songs and stories.  As they grow through the school year, we will start learning a few basic shapes and colors through songs, rhymes and stories, and continue our hands on learning activities to include simple crafts such as coloring with chunky crayons or sidewalk chalk, painting and using glue, drawing or painting at the easel.