Messiah’s Kids Preschool offers several different opportunities for enrichment classes.  All enrichment classes are outside of the school day and are in addition to tuition.

Whole Child Learning offers B3.
TOTS – Teams of Tomorrow – Fundamental and Creative Basketball



Register directly at: www.wholechild.com/register

B3 – Bits, Bytes, and Bots®

(Special enrichment program offered weekly at an additional charge.)

The B3® program introduces technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning to children. From helping toddlers develop mouse skills to exploring programming and robotics with school age children, B3 is always a hit with kids. B3® is more than just computers! Teachers implement our proprietary curriculum and work with small groups to help children develop important academic skills including; letter and number recognition, shapes and colors, pre reading skills, phonics, spatial relations, auditory and visual discrimination, and much more!  Exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) camps and classes engage and challenge preschool age kids.

B3® classes are offered weekly in our preschool. 


rory bots excited samuel kate rory
TOT® – Teams of Tomorrow
(Special enrichment program offered weekly at an additional charge.)
TOT® is . . . .
— Athletics – Your child will learn a new TOT® ball skill each week!  At the end of the program your child will have mastered 25 new skills.
— Academics – Each class your child will have a “mini-academic” lesson!  TOT® takes great pride in helping to prepare your child for kindergarten.
— Agility – Tons of fun working on balance, movement and coordination!  TOT® uses super agility equipment.
TOT® classes engage your child mentally, physically and socially!
Register online at www.teamsoftomorrow.com.